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Teaching in Translation: Poet as Translator
By Malena Morling
Editor's note: This essay was delivered at the panel “Teaching Translation in the Workshop,” organized by Douglas Unger and with presentations by Jason Grunebaum, Becka McKay, Malena Morling,…
Teaching in Translation: Teaching the Sagas
By Richard North
I started teaching the Icelandic Sagas just over twenty years ago. I had read some of them as a student, and though they didn’t feature in my research when I did my doctoral thesis, I was glad to…
Teaching in Translation: These Pines
By Adriana X. Jacobs
With this post we launch our new series on teaching in translation. Whether teaching in their areas of specialization or shouldering introductory world literature courses, teachers at all levels face…
Edith Grossman is seated and looks away from the camera toward the stage.
Edith Grossman at the 2019 WWB Gala. Photo credit: Beowulf Sheehan
Why Translation Matters
By Edith Grossman
Edith Grossman—the renowned translator of Gabriel García Márquez and Miguel de Cervantes—makes a passionate case for the recognition of literary translation as a nuanced and necessary art.
Translation and the Teaching of Literature
By Russell Scott Valentino
In my first post, I suggested that translators' efforts in the sphere of education might have a transformative effect on the understanding and appreciation of the work of translation. In my second,…
Translation and Proficiency Language Teaching
By Russell Scott Valentino
In a previous post, I suggested that the covers of books make for rather poor soil in which to cultivate an appreciation for translated contemporary literature among the general English-reading public.…
Teaching in Translation
By Russell Scott Valentino
The general membership meeting of the American Literary Translators Association's annual conference in October of this year went smoothly until the final item of business. The members present were…
A Swiss Army knife
Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash
Translating to and from a Native Language
By Alexei Bayer
In this essay, Alexei Bayer writes about his first and second languages, translating into English, and being translated into his native Russian.
Local Affairs
By Alexander Cuadros
Alexander Cuadros reports from Brazil's Festa Literária Internacional de Parati (FLIP).
An Interview with Hisham Matar
By Nouri Gana
Nouri Gana talks to Hisham Mattar about poetry, beards, and his novel In the Country of Men.
Doors, Windows, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control
By Esther Allen
Lex and I came to the strange realization that we, and Alejo Carpentier, had effectively been censored by the United States government.