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Sub-Group 1

From “Lampedusa Snow”
By Lina Prosa
I stand like an African at the door of an entrance / that doesn’t exist.
Translated from Italian by Nerina Cocchi
From “Qibla”
By Shen Wan-ting
“I’m sorry. I’ll change your pants right away.”
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
from A Peace of Women
By Lenin El-Ramly
This is a time of sex strikes, and women are in such a short supply.
Translated from Arabic by Hazem M. Azmy
By Mishka Lavigne
Gabrielle Sauriol lies in the Pacific Ocean now.
Translated from French by Neil Blackadder
A Gambling World
By Koh Choon Eiow & Mok Sio Chong
I tell you, people at these casinos only think of winning.
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
from Little Stain
By Koffi Kwahulé
I am the son of lightning, I've come to burn down this house.
Translated from French
from Soul of a Clone
By Philip Boehm
Many of you probably debated whether I should exist at all...
from Night Sings Its Songs
By Jon Fosse
You just lie there lie there just lie there and read
Translated by Sarah Cameron Sunde
from Canary
By Klaus Pohl
My God, that's some stone. I've never held a diamond this big in my hands.
Translated from German by Lucie Pohl

Sub-Group 2

A Mansion with Many Rooms
By Kutti Revathi
“As if you have to ask that low-caste boy’s permission in order to see your own mother!”
Translated from Tamil by Lakshmi Holmström
Ayya’s Bicycle
By Sukumaran
“Ayya won’t come to school on his bicycle anymore from now on, it seems, da.”
Translated from Tamil by Lakshmi Holmström
Changing Landscapes and Identities: An Introduction to Tamil Writing
By Lakshmi Holmström
So changing landscapes are also about changing identities.
Before Sunrise
By Lilit Karapetyan
A thinking woman slowly drowns in eternal sorrow in the streets of Kars.
Translated from Armenian by Nairi Hakhverdi
A Mousy, Measly Tale
By Dilip Kumar
Though married, I practice celibacy very strictly.
Translated from Tamil by Padma Narayanan