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Martin Karbowski


Martin Karbowski

Martin Karbowski is one of the best-known names in new Bulgarian journalism and the first representative of Gonzo journalism in Bulgaria. Over the past twenty years, he has worked at all the major Bulgarian radio stations, television networks and newspapers.

Karbowski is famous for the wars he wages on many fronts – with institutions, individuals, and habits.

Karbowski’s battles have not been waged in vain: on the contrary, he has achieved unprecedented success. One example: after his investigations, a Bulgarian MP was sent to court for pedophilia and subsequently sentenced.

For the past eight years, Karbowski has been creating his own journalistic and documentary TV productions, without ceasing to write his socio-political commentaries for the most widely read newspapers and online publications in Bulgaria.

Karbowski is the author of thirteen books, including poetry and short-story collections, essays, and travelogues. He is also the author of the play “God Is Innocent,” as well as the founder of a specific literary-journalistic genre known as “social experiment.” Besides his presence in Bulgarian media and theater, Martin Karbowski is also known for his numerous social campaigns and civic protests and projects. 

Martin’s educational background is in engineering. He also has a second BA in television journalism from Sofia University, as well as a professional specialization in photography.

Articles by Martin Karbowski

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