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Imran Sada’i

Portrait of author Imran Sada'i

Imran Sada’i

Imran Kashgar Sada’i was born in 2000 in Yopurgha County, in the Kashgar District of East Turkestan. He began his education in Urumchi, the capital city of East Turkestan, but in 2016 had to leave his homeland and settle in Turkey....

He writes poetry in both Uyghur and Turkish; his work has been translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese.

In 2019, he published his first Turkish-language book of poetry, Damla (A Drop). In 2020, his Turkish translations of Mutellip Seydulla’s poetry were published in book form as İki Göz, iki yüz (Two Eyes, Two Faces). Sada’i has hosted international poetry festivals organized by the Writers Union of Turkey and has given poetry readings in multiple cities. He has also worked as an editing intern, assistant director, and assistant editor at media companies including Istanbul Post Production, Terakota Creative, and Algebar Media. Currently, he is the East Turkestan representative in the Turkish Writers Union and a media officer in the World Uyghur Writers Union.

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Articles by Imran Sada’i

black and white drawing of a boy with smoke coming up behind him floating over a red mound
Julia Griffin, "Smoke." Copyright Julia Griffin