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Džian Baban

Portrait of writer and musician Džian Baban

Džian Baban

Džian Baban is a writer and musician. Most of his work was co-written with Vojtěch Mašek, including the graphic novels Elephants in Marienbad, Look for Doc. Woman in Everything, The Dragon Never Sleeps, and In the Shadow of Bohemian Forest....

Between 2004 and 2015 their graphic novels, comic strips, and short stories were awarded the Muriel Prize for best Czech comics story or best Czech comics book, and Baban and Mašek represented Czech comics authors at the 2015 Bucheon International Comics Festival in South Korea. Apart from writing graphic novels and theater comedy series, Baban also wrote screenplays for several short films, and in 2007, his work I´m Bigger and Stronger, co-written with Mašek and directed by Martin Duda, was nominated by the Oscars for a Student Academy Award. Baban also collaborated on experimental, videoart films with respected Czech visual artist and film director Adela Babanova, Baban´s sister. Their films were screened at different international exhibitions and festivals, and in 2018 they premiered their medium-length feature film Operation Neptune.

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Articles by Džian Baban

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