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Words without Borders announces Eduardo Halfon’s upcoming visit to the June Jordan School for Equity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Information Contact: Joshua Mandelbaum, Executive Director Organization Name: Words without Borders E-mail Address: Web site Address:…...


The Sarima’s Mission

Bulul! Tununun! Bululululu! Tununununun! Bulululululululul! Tunununununununu! The voice of the hill resounded in the blue sky, as if several thunderclaps had occurred at one time, or as if a group of stars…...

The Vampire Bats

The vampire bats and I were waiting for the coming of the night to play with the stars on the patio of the moon. For the next poem in this sequence, click here.  


Now and then I walk backwards. It is my way of remembering. If I only walked forward, I could tell you about forgetting. This last poem in this sequence was originally published in Guchachi 'Reza'…...