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Around the Web: Marías, Bolaño, Best Translated Book Long-list

by Bud Parr, January 6, 2010

I'll be reporting here a bit more about Javier Marías, but ran across this today (when reading a letter to the editor of TLS by the wonderful writer Gabriel Josipovici) and think it will be of interest to Marías fans: Marías’s mentor Sir, – Reviewing Your Face Tomorrow 3 by Javier… more »

Marías in America

by Bud Parr, January 8, 2010

Image of Marías in America
It is significant, we learned from Javier Marías's U.S. publisher Barbara Epler recently at the New York Public Library, that he was in America. Marías refused to come to the United States for the eight years Goerge Bush was in office, much, I'm sure, to his publisher's chagrin… more »

The 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature:  Week Two

by Susan Harris, September 28, 2010

Resuming last week's conversation, the speculation continues. Britain's suspiciously accurate Ladbrokes is yet to weigh in, but  Unibet has posted odds for candidates both familiar (Adonis) and ludicrous (Thomas Bodström), with Paraguay's thirty-year-old Néstor Amarilla the… more »

The Shaping of Roberto Bolaño

by Mary South, November 15, 2010

This past week, the Selected Shorts program, hosted by Symphony Space, featured an evening of South American writing. The long-standing Shorts program regularly brings in highly regarded actors to perform the work of both established and emerging writers. Wednesday’s lineup was centered around… more »