Articles by Jethro Soutar

Q & A with Alberto Salcedo Ramos

June 24, 2014

Alberto Salcedo Ramos is a Colombian writer and one of the most celebrated crónica (literary journalism) writers in Latin America. Here he tells Words Without Borders about his work and influences, and about "Queens Football," a crónica featured in this month’s Queer issue and… more »

Articles by Jethro Soutar

From the Translators: On “Regeneration”

April 1, 2014

In “Regeneration,” it’s said that Juan, the chief protagonist, “feared the loneliness of his apartment more than he did the tedium of the bar.” Like most writers, we translators revel in the loneliness of our apartments: we choose to work alone, in a darkened room, with… more »

Articles by Jethro Soutar

From the Translator: Jethro Soutar on Translating José Pérez Reyes’s “In Hock”

January 17, 2011

In this installment of our "From the Translator" series, translator Jethro Soutar talks about the process of translating José Pérez Reyes's "In Hock,"  from the January 2011 issue of WWB. When reading in a foreign language, the translator can’t help but be constantly thinking:… more »