Articles by Sean Cotter

Translator Relay: Sean Cotter

June 12, 2014

Our "Translator Relay" series features a new interview each month. This month's translator will choose the next interviewee, adding a different, sixth question. For June's installment, Ellen Elias-Bursac passed the baton to Sean Cotter, whose translations from Romanian include Mircea… more »

Articles by Sean Cotter

The Un-X-able Y-ness of Z-ing (Q): A List with Notes

April 18, 2014

the unbearable lightness of being the unbearable lite-ness of being the unbearable blightness of being the unbearable nice™ness of being the unbearable “like”ness of being Milan Kundera opposed using "the unbearable lightness of being" to title the English translation of his Nesnesitelná… more »