Articles by Chloe Hill

“Poesia Em TrĂ¢nsito” (Poetry in Motion)

May 20, 2014

From February 11 to 24 of this year the Fundação Gregório de Matos (FGM), the cultural sector of Salvador da Bahia’s local government, sponsored the program “Poesia em Trânsito,” or Poetry in Motion. During this time, twenty poets and street performers presented… more »

Articles by Chloe Hill

Poetry at the Periphery: the Slam Poetry Scene in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

April 9, 2014

On Sunday, March 23, I attended a sarau, somewhere between a salon and a poetry slam, hosted by Sarau da Onça and Grupo Ágape in Sussuarana. Sussuarana is a “peripheral neighborhood” (the literal translation of the Brazilian euphemism for ghetto) of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil’s… more »