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My Favorite Bookstore: Yardenne Greenspan on Halper’s Books

May 27, 2015

Image of My Favorite Bookstore: Yardenne Greenspan on Halper’s Books
Halper's Books, 87 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv, Israel 65134 A path emerges from the busy, smoky, sooty Allenby Street in southern Tel Aviv, leading to a yard fenced in by bookcases. The books in the yard are mostly in French, but the ones inside the shop are in Hebrew and English, too. Tel Aviv’s… more »

Articles by Yardenne Greenspan

New in Hebrew: Shifra Cornfeld’s “The Second Half of the Night”

March 21, 2014

My husband and I both read The Second Half of the Night, by Shifra Cornfeld, in one breathless week, so excited about it that I can’t even recall who read it first and who passed it on to whom. Then we gave it to a friend. Then quickly took it back so we could give it to our mothers. It was a gift… more »

Articles by Yardenne Greenspan

Dispatch from the 2013 ALTA Conference

October 24, 2013

On Friday, October 18th, the second day of the 2013 American Literary Translators Association Conference at Indiana University in Bloomington,  keynote speaker Cole Swensen spoke about translating the word “friendship.” She presented the origins and roots of the word in different languages,… more »

Articles by Yardenne Greenspan

The Song and the Singer: On Translating Gon Ben Ari’s “The Sequoia Children”

October 17, 2012

I grew up in Israel to bilingual parents. My father was born and raised in Philadelphia. My mother was born in New York City to Israeli parents. When my father speaks Hebrew he still has an accent. His Rs are soft. My mother is fluent in English and Hebrew, and makes spelling mistakes in both. I grew… more »