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film iconA Conversation with Alex Epstein, author of “Blue has no South”

by Bud Parr, June 10, 2010

Last week, Rohan and I sat down with Alex Epstein who was in New York City visiting from Tel Aviv. We had a very nice discussion on his book, Blue has no South, on mythology, angels, Jorge Luis Borges and lots of other authors and influences, short-form literature and poetry. This video captures… more »

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film iconWhy Words without Borders?

by Joshua Mandelbaum, March 29, 2010

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who stopped to talk with us in Washington Square Park, to Caputo's Deli, and especially to Garth Paul Cox and Robin Randisi for filming and editing.

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film icon$9.99, A Film Based on the Short Stories of Etgar Keret

by Bud Parr, February 8, 2010

I taught my son a simple rule when he, at the age of four or so, began to see the barrage of books that are part of the marketing effort behind movies. If the book came out first, the book is better, if the movie came out first, the movie is better. These are tough waters to navigate with a kid and of… more »

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film iconEvery Unhappy Family Is Funny in Its Own Way

by Susan Harris, February 4, 2010

As a lagniappe, we’re complementing our extract from Blutch’s That Was Happiness—in which a divorcing couple has The Talk with their young son—with a brief video of the artist discussing his book. With a plangent sax in the background, Blutch acknowledges the autobiographical… more »

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film iconBinhad Nurrohmat at Manggarai

by Andy Fuller, December 15, 2009

This film was shot at Manggarai train station in central Jakarta. Ujang, the person who reads Binhad Nurrohmat’s poem (“The People on the KRL”) works on the train line which runs from northern Jakarta (Kota) to its final station in the south, Bogor. Ujan sells crackers on the train,… more »

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film iconWords Without Borders Video: Miriam Schlesinger and Philip Lopate discuss Etgar Keret

by Bud Parr, March 13, 2009

Here's part one of a video with Miriam Schlesinger and Philip Lopate discussing Etgar Keret as part of our Conversations on Great Contemporary Literature Series. Links to other posts in our Girl on the Fridge discussion: Keret events this March in Boston and Chicago. Adam Rovner puts Etgar Keret… more »

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film iconWords Without Borders Video: Edith Grossman on Don Quixote as Tragedy and Comedy

by Bud Parr, March 4, 2009

Here's a clip from our last Conversations on Great Contemporary Literature with Edith Grossman discussing Don Quixote as Tragedy and Comedy. There are more videos from this event at our Words Without Borders Youtube Channel. And be sure to check out our next event in the Conversations on Great Contemporary… more »

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film iconYoko Ogawa Discussion on Video

by Bud Parr, January 12, 2009

If you missed the terrific discussion between Stephen Snyder and Allison Powell on Yoko Ogawa's The Diving Pool last week, you're in luck, because we're making a video available on YouTube. Here's part one and you can check in on our YouTube Channel for the rest as we post them (if you… more »