Book Reviews

Ondjaki’s “Granma Nineteen and the Soviet’s Secret”

It is no surprise that this energetic and endearing novel is the work of a writer of such stunning accomplishment as Ondjaki.

Alessandro Baricco’s “Mr. Gwyn

In an attempt to combat an approaching aimlessness after his sudden retirement, Gwyn chooses the new vocation of a copyist.

Gonçalo M. Tavares’s “A Man: Klaus Klump”

Gonçalo M. Tavares (Does the M stand for Man? Maniac? Master? Certainly not anything as common as Manuel . . .) is a writer that trades in oppositions. And business is good.

September 2014

The Memory of Our Land: Writing in and From Exile

As these writers demonstrate, there is no typical exile, and no standard response to deracination.

The Witness

How does a person follow the path of a fairy tale?

The Stone Guest

“Salamalaykum, Uncle, your nephew sent me. Said you’d give me the cash.”

Exile is Born at This Moment

When blood is exiled, / nothing binds it to the race.

Exilium Ergo Sum

It is impossible to find one's own path in literature without a certain verbal violence.

The Poet Cannot Stand Aside: Arabic Literature and Exile

Exile has been one of the places where Arabic literature has been able to communicate most strongly across linguistic borders.

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