Book Reviews

Regina Ullman’s “The Country Road”

Regina Ullman, the Swiss-born contemporary of Herman Hesse, Thomas Mann, and Rainer Maria Rilke, has finally made her English-language debut with a collection of haunting and beautiful stories.

Ernst Haffner’s “Blood Brothers”

There is a certain pleasure to be found in reading a book that was publicly burned by the Nazis.

Máirtín Ó Cadhain’s “Dirty Dust”

Talk is not only the “principal character in this book,” as Titley writes in his translator’s note, it is the book.

April 2015

Changing Landscapes and Identities: An Introduction to Tamil Writing

So changing landscapes are also about changing identities.

Ayya’s Bicycle

“Ayya won’t come to school on his bicycle anymore from now on, it seems, da.”

Two Minutes

Someone had left the corpse on the bicycle.

The Mother and the Goddess of Night

A snowstorm flings down / a million, million needles.

A Mansion with Many Rooms

“As if you have to ask that low-caste boy’s permission in order to see your own mother!”

A Mousy, Measly Tale

Though married, I practice celibacy very strictly.

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