Book Reviews

Norman Manea’s “Captives”

Navigating the narrative threads of "Captives" is a bit like trying to make it through a hedge-maze while blindfolded, drunk, and asleep.

Pedro Zarraluki’s “The History of Silence”

Pedro Zarraluki’s "The History of Silence" is concerned with negative space: with absences, with things that can be defined only by what they are not.

Sheng Keyi’s “Death Fugue”

There are moments of real clarity and elegance in "Death Fugue."

January 2015

Alternate Pasts: An Introduction to International Uchronia

Uchronia is a narrative mode that has enjoyed both critical recognition and popular acceptance throughout literary history.


Above an opening in the robot's chest are the words "In the name of Jesus protect man and beast from the followers of Satan"

Distinguishing Marks: None

You had known Ramiro from the years of the First Dictatorship, those long-ago days of pick-up soccer games and fruit popsicles.

Cousins from Overseas

His pains originate in another continent. They are graver, and more ancient.

The Beast Has Died

“Juárez has died, Your Majesty.”

Saint Lionel

The smell of the cyborg-gasoline gives me a pang of withdrawal which makes my hands sweat.

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