Book Reviews

Alessandro Baricco’s “Mr. Gwyn

In an attempt to combat an approaching aimlessness after his sudden retirement, Gwyn chooses the new vocation of a copyist.

Gonçalo M. Tavares’s “A Man: Klaus Klump”

Gonçalo M. Tavares (Does the M stand for Man? Maniac? Master? Certainly not anything as common as Manuel . . .) is a writer that trades in oppositions. And business is good.

Antonio Ungar’s “The Ears of the Wolf”

It is this instability, this dance between beauty and horror, fear and elation, and this delicate navigation of power, which can turn one into the other, that animates Antonio Ungar’s singular, captivating novel.

August 2014

An Introduction to Finnish Literature

The literature of Finland has historically been sparsely represented in English translation.

Letter to Lethe

But remembering the future helped me to operate in the present.

The Message Bearer

“Open that parcel when you can. And forgive me.”

The Weight of Words

The first volume of Bogumil Linde’s Polish-language encyclopedia (abakus–gulasz) hit his head with a thump.

Final Appearance

“I’m interested in that so-called thriller you wrote.”

The White Room

I have been in the white room for five months and twenty days now.

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