Book Reviews

Tove Jansson’s “The Woman Who Borrowed Memories”

A collection of very short stories which bubble up from the subconscious only to vanish as soon as they get to the surface.

Eduardo Halfon’s “Monastery”

In Halfon's "Monastery," our narrator asserts the accidental nature of nationality.

Sakutarō Hagiwara’s “Cat Town”

Hagiwara’s poetry is a strange mixture of gloomy wonderment.

December 2014

Around the Globe: An Introduction to International YA Writing

While writing for teenagers wasn’t invented in the last decade or two, it has certainly, in that time, gained a visibility, a range, a thoughtfulness, even a sort of urgency

from “The Boys”

“Let us make a pact, gentlemen. Let us brew a Magical Potion and drink together."

Wizard Bakery

Do not forget the magical forces you used today may circle back to you some day to return the favor.

Nom de Guerre: Butterfly

It terrified me to hear the words “honor” and “flesh” in the same sentence.

In Search of the End of the World

I was brought into the world on a day of black misery.

No Light in the Windows

Karim believed in Coke the way other people believed in Jesus and Mary.

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