Book Reviews

Lee Si-young’s “Patterns”

The language is often serene, and bound to nature.

Norman Manea’s “Captives”

Navigating the narrative threads of "Captives" is a bit like trying to make it through a hedge-maze while blindfolded, drunk, and asleep.

Pedro Zarraluki’s “The History of Silence”

Pedro Zarraluki’s "The History of Silence" is concerned with negative space: with absences, with things that can be defined only by what they are not.

February 2015

Black Spring

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After Batista’s dictatorship, Castro had the support of an entire people.

A Whim of the Gods

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Dump trucks from the Department of Public Works came for the bodies.


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In hindsight, it couldn't have happened anywhere but here.


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"You let Jews into your home? The people who killed your brother!"

Tell Me Where to Go

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Why hasn't anyone invented a country for those who don't belong anywhere?

A Human Act

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For very important murders, the consent of the commission is required.

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